We are pleased to offer a range of webinars designed to address some of the business challenges faced by practitioners today. Please see below a selection of our webinars.

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Sale and acquisition deal structure

Sale and acquisiton deal structure

Duration : 1 hour
Cost : £60

The number of facets involved in a sale/acquisition deal are numerous.  These include a number of key issues together with a number of secondary soft issues all of which need addressing and negotiating. This webinar will take you through some of the key issues that need to be negotiated. We will outline through our own experience what is normal practice and particular issues where the vendor or purchaser can increase his consideration or reduce his/her risk. The presentation will cover issues of claw back, multiples and anticipated returns together with potential consideration levels and how these can be protected against client losses.

Sale and merger webinar

Prepare your practice for sale or merger

Duration : 1 hour
Cost : £60

Any pre-planning before the sale or merger of your practice is usually rewarded by a higher consideration and improved final deal with a lower risk profile.  This webinar will cover profiling, valuation, market positioning and increase awareness of all selling issues that need to be considered in the preparation process.  Thus, vital for any practitioner or partners to consider when a senior partner or proprietor is considering an exit.

We normally engage in this work one or two years out from the anticipated deal completion date but we have acted four years before sale and similarly on a shorter six-month basis.  This webinar will give you a points checklist to consider to move smoothly towards the sale or merger of your practice - and improve the final outcome.

Succession planning webinar

Succession Planning : A review of alternative methods

Duration : 1 hour
Cost : £60

Succession planning can be a minefield – we are going to consider and explore all alternatives available to the sole practitioner. Succession, exit or both? We shall tie these into certain themes such as retirement planning, the practices’ needs, planning certainty and strategy.  Key considerations we also discuss are timing, current experience levels and succession planning success rates for practices across a range of sizes and which alternatives work best. This webinar will be important to any partner or senior manager considering succession or retirement within the next few months or years.

The right time to sell your practice

Is there a 'right' time to sell your practice?

Duration : 1 hour
Cost : £60

The triggers leading to a sale are often not planned. The most successful deals, which maximise sales proceeds and enhance client and employee future relations, require some forethought and analysis. Some of these issues are personal, some commercial and some relate to an investment in your succession. This planning assists the transition to retirement which possibly will require practitioners to address lifestyle and family relationships.

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Sale & Acquisition Deal Structure
Thursday 12th May, 4 - 5 pm